We are half way through April and our Spring FREE SHIPPING month!  So if you have items from our shop waiting patiently in your online shipping cart, definitely take advantage of the free shipping. You may have only one item (our accountant will frown - lol) or a lot, big items or small - all are free shipping for the month of April. But hurry this promote will end APRIL 30! 

We are happy to say many f our beads have found new homes so far this month.  And yes, when I am alone in the shop, I talk to my beads - and plants if I want to make a full confession! When they are carefully wrapped into colorful tissue paper, they have a goodbye talk and we tell them they are going to love the town, city, state or country they are going to. 

Sound crazy? C'mon.  

Raise your hand if you have ever talked to your beads or feeling a zen moment when you waft your fingers through your bead stash!

Go on - raise your hand - no one will see you!  

Except maybe your furbabies, who are always at your side.

Which if they are dogs, they will wag their tale thinking  you have a treat in your hand!

But let's face it...

if your beloved furbaby is of the feline persuasion...

They will just walk away, switching their tail back and  forth in disbelief - Cats do not think much of their human's intelligence!  

Although they may judge, it won't last long once they find the perfect sunbathing spot

My buddy Willy - 2000-2018 RIP

My buddy - Willy, always a sun worshipper, 2000-2016 RIP

April Showers bring May flowers

But they also bring in fresh designing Ideas. I like to get mine from flowers, plant life and yes SEA GLASS!

Better yet...seaglass beads!   


And flowers!

Petunias! always a Spring - early Summer favorite

Better yet...Diamond duo beads to match!  

Diamond Duo Beads - Metalust HOT PINK

Have a wonderful April and remember, never stop beading...or creating what you love to do!

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All the best,

Doreen B

The Bead Stop