Hello Sun and Snow worshippers alike!

Now for those who live in sunnier temperatures, you can't imagine how we'd like to be in your area just right now!  At The Bead Stop, we've accumulated at least 18 inches of snow and more on the way on Sunday!  

But to our customers advantage, especially with our Be Our Valentine 20% store-wide sale, there is now more indoor time for us to sort and list more new inventory and also beads that were ordered...but somehow, got forgotten on the shelf! How could we!! 

As purchasing agent, I select which beads to carry.  A tough job but who more qualified then a self-proclaimed bead hoarder! Trust me. There are so many sizes, shapes AND colors to chose from, my head spins going through catalogs and distributor websites. And of course  I. WANT. IT. ALL.  

Admit it - I'm sure you go through that same dilemna walking into a bead shop  or through online shopping all the time!  How many times have you loaded a basket, only to return to remove some and add more?

But as a purchasing agent, it gets really intense because we have to determine what will our fellow beaders (and hoarders like myself) would really want.  

And try to order objectively? Not so easy. It's not just what I like but what will appeal to our customers and what is demand.  Do you really know how many Rizo® bead colors our distributor carries? Over 200 colors and coatings.  Talk about bead order stress!!  And yes, I admit, I. WANT. THEM. ALL!  Although I do draw the line on neon colors. They just  don't carry me away on a cloud like other colors. They tried like heck, but I can't be moved.

So in the bead world we have daggers and pointy spikes, so what would we need with Preciosa Thorn™ beads?  Because you're thinking - there's just so many pointy retro patterns you can create with these elongated thorn-like beads. So I thought too.  But we forged ahead and bought a descent supply in 10 colors, ones we thought would appeal to you.  Imagine our surprised looks when they came in. They are just stunning, well made and the colors  are just delicious.  And the pictures we took for the website came out as close as you can get to the real deal!

So about how and where to use them in designs.  

  • Kumihimo as a accent bead along the edge of a necklace pattern
  • Earrings?  No problem.  Swap them out in place of daggers
  • Fringe bead accents on a bead embroidery collar
  • Edging - for that beautiful cab you've been wanting to use for your next fabulous bead embroidery pendant
  • Ever do a bead painting?  Paint your abstract art and glue (E6000 or super glue) beads in clusters or in a specific design. (I've yet to add beads to these two below. Too busy ordering and listing beads! )

Golden Moon©

Hearts & Flowers©

For more Ideals, check out Preciosa Thorn™ page on Pinterest. 


Check out our Thorns and other shaped beads on our website (powered by Etsy) and on the Etsy website. Both sites are secure and safe to use.  Here are a few samples of what we have in stock!  

Also, email us at support@thebeadstopct.com if you have questions or are looking for a specific bead or color.  And yes, we can special order those neon beads you love!  We just may have it tucked on the shelf or it is on our next order list!

For those of you who have the kind of snow like we do - please be safe and take breaks if you have to shovel yourself out! We may not agree on which weather we prefer but we have one thing in common. We do love our BEADS! 

As always - 


Doreen B



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